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icons; final fantasy xiii

[o1] Credit either myself or the community.
[o2] Comment if taking any.
[o3] Friend the community! :)

Textless icons are NOT bases.

Almost all of the icons were made from caps I took myself, so if you'd like a .zip file of the original screens, just leave a comment and I'll upload it.




01.      02.     03.     04.

05.      06.     07.     08.

09.      10.     11.     12.

13.      14.     15.     16.

17.      18.     19.     20.

21.      22.     23.     24.

25.      26.     27.     28.

29.      30.     31.     32.

33.      34.          

SCREENCAPS can be downloaded here.
Tags: ffxiii, final fantasy
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Faves are 9, 19, 29. (Wow, they all end in 9's. XD) I want the caps please! Since I'm too lazy to cap the trailer myself... XD I'll credit you too~
Screencaps. The quality isn't that good, but seeing as it was from a trailer...XD

Now I wait to see your icons!
Absolutely gorgeous dear.... as usual.
They're soooo pretty
Smex like whoa.
OMG this looks so good.

Saving for later use.
OMG I love you. >:D Taking 1, 34 and possibly 15. Will credit!!! Caps would be awesome too!!
Here ya go!

They're sort of random. XD


11 years ago

OMG! I love #13, taking will credit! <3
Not much makes me stare like an idiot but this certainly did...where is the trailer link at or screencaps? (I'm a little behind on E3 obviously XD) Absolutely gorgeous, FF boys just keep getting prettier and prettier! ^^
Amazing! ^^ You said you capped these yourself? Could I totally have that zip file you were talking about. I am not going to make icons or anything from them, I just want to cosplay the main girl character! ^^

Oh, by the way, I am totally friending this here journalness!!!
ooops, forgot to say I ganked a few!


11 years ago


11 years ago

Love and credit, dearie! Thanks! =)
I'm taking 31, it's my favourite, though they're all great! *_*
Of course I'll credit.
wow, now that I call timing XD Just yesterday evening I`ve read avout ffxiii and then I see such a post XD thank you very much! I`m not quite sure which ones I take, but I surely will take some and won`t forget to credit you.
okey-dokey, I`m taking 19 aaaaaand...the first one♥
Awesome, awesome, awesome! ♥
I'm taking like all of them. Will credit. Thank you!!
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